Chiba Lab


  1. Unraveling the mechanisms behind the evolution of diverse groups and traits.

  2. Understanding the function and evolution of varied behaviors.

  3. Tracing the evolutionary history of diversity.

  4. Discovering uncharted diversities.

  5. Deciphering how diversity is sustained.

  6. Creating technologies to protect diversity and devising counteractive strategies.




  • We explore diversity from the gene level to the broader ecosystem.
  • We delve deeply into animal behavior, ecology, morphology, and their genetic underpinnings.
  • Our research covers a broad spectrum of animals from terrestrial, freshwater, and marine environments, including, Mollusks, arthropods, reptiles, birds, amphibians, flatworms, nemertines.
  • Our investigations encompass both living species and fossil records.
  • We enrich our research by integrating historical resources like ancient manuscripts and archaeological discoveries.


  • Our approach encompasses a wide range of experimental techniques, from genome analysis to field-based experiments, addressing everything from individual genes to whole communities.
  • The team is also engaged in theoretical research, utilizing mathematical modeling and computer simulations.
  • Additionally, we draw on humanities and social science approaches to understand the intricate relationships between organisms, human societies, and cultural dimensions.



Adaptive radiation of the land snails Mandarin in Ogasawara




   Kawakita-godo building,

   Room 323